about albiflora.eu

This site is dedicated to the science and aesthetics of white-flowered variations of European orchids.

Obviously a result of a complex genetic development, these special forms are occuring quite regularly in certain species of orchids, even though they are rather rare. They demonstrate how active the evolution is in this family of plants.

Some white-flowered forms have been classified by botanists as a “var. albiflora” or “f. albiflora” – e.g. Orchis quadripunctata f. albiflora.

It’s a very special moment to meet a white-flowered orchid whose standard colour is different. This site wants to document those rare plants. Please contact albiflora.eu when you’ve seen an albiflora orchid.

Photos are a much more gentle alternative to the traditional herbarium. Appreciated are also your comments or observations in this blog. The objective of this site is to bring together the knowledge about albiflora orchids and to broaden the understanding of their unique character.

This site is a non-commercial project (about the author of this site)