Ophrys aveyronensis

Ophrys aveyronensis
Photo: Stephan Lang, 27/05/2010, near Millau/Aveyron, France

Aveyron Orchid

Ophrys aveyronensis grows to a height of 15 to 40 cm. The inflorescence develops 3 to 8 flowers. Their broad sepals and petals are spreaded. The broad labellum is undivided or vaguely trilobed.

Taxonomic discussion

In 1983, the rare species was described by Jeffrey J. Wood as Ophrys sphegodes subsp. aveyronensis. Before, it was viewed as a variety of Ophrys sphegodes. Also in 1983 Pierre Delforge described the plant as a distinct species.

Hypochrome form

With its striking colors this orchid is one of the most beautiful Ophrys species. The sepals are rose, sometimes rather bright. The petals are darker, especially at the edges. The dark-brown labellum has a pattern, often in the form of the letter H. In the case of reduced or missing colour pigments, the labellum is yellow-green, the pattern is still visible as a white structure.

Habitat, bloom and distribution

Ophrys aveyronensis grows on meadows in the Causses region of Southern France, up to heights of 800 m. Flowering is from May to June.