Orchis militaris “albiflora”, budding 

The new orchid season has begun, and the white flowering Orchis militaris in my neighborhood is already showing its buds. This year, there might be several “albiflora” plants at this place. The plants seem to be healthy and strong. The long winter was no problem for them, and there was enough humidity in March and April.


Afterwards I visited a meadow in the Rheingau, the region west of Wiesbaden, with plenty of Anacamptis morio. I estimate that there are about 800 plants, 5 of them with white flowers. This would mean a ratio of 6 Anacamptis morio “albiflora” per 1000 plants – a bit higher than my general estimation of 3 to 5/1000. This confirms that Anacamptis morio has a high tendency to develop white flowers. Today, most Anacamptis morio on the meadow are in full flower. But it’s remarkable that the blossom of the white flowering plants is quite advanced. Some flowers are damaged, especially at the spur (photo). Two years ago, on 6 May, I’ve been at this place near Johannisberg the last time. I didn’t observe this phenomenon at that time. On the lower meadow some Orchis mascula were growing then, which I couldn’t find today

At last I was visiting a place in the Wisper valley as I’ve heard that there had been several white flowering Orchis mascula. In the mixed oak forest I find about 25 mascula in the purple standard colour, but no albiflora forms.

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