Taxonomy – a proposal for albiflora forms of orchids

In a contribution for the journal Berichte aus den Arbeitskreisen Heimische Orchideen (Peter Zschunke: Von “alba” bis “viridiflora” – zur Taxonomie und Biologie hypochromer Orchideen. In: Berichte aus den Arbeitskreisen Heimischer Orchideen 38 (1), 2021. S. 78-99) I studied the question, how albiflora forms of orchids should be addressed in a scientifically correct way. In the past, botanists have been quite inventive to describe such plants with different names and on different taxonomic levels – even up to subspecies. But there is “no need to introduce a taxon in case of an individual genetic disorder as it is the case when the development of Pigments is disturbed”. Instead I propose, “to address all individuums of orchid species with a visible genetic disorder of the development of pigments as albiflora forms, with no need of a formal description while using the most common term in descriptions and with a general understanding of the term form as a ‘nomen nudum’, which does not require a typus.”

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